Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1-Dr. Bob, I like the general concept of your application, but I am not sure how to get started. 

From Dr. Bob (9/15/11):

Getting Started with ResearchWriter®: A great feature of ResearchWriter® is that it works the way you do and does not force you to work the way it does. Getting started is based on where you are in your writing project.

  1. First, create a new writing project on the opening screen.
  2. Then you may want to go to the outline tab to begin to create an outline structure for your project. You can use the default dissertation chapter headings that appear, or change/delete them to create your own outline. Just add whatever outline items you know about. As your research grows, new outline items will suggest themselves. Also, as you read about your mode of research (Quantitative, Qualitative, etc.) you will find items that you need to address in the introduction, method, findings sections.
  3. If you have already identified several key source documents that you want to include in your project, open the source tab and enter the information about those source documents so that you capture the info for use in citations and reference list building at a later time.
  4. I would bet that you have also identified some really neat ideas contained in those source documents…….text that you might have highlighted or underlined. To avoid the huge pain of sorting through piles of paper copies when you start final writing, open the SnipIt® tab and enter the stuff you highlighted/underlined in the SnipIt® screen and connect each SnipIt® to its source document for use later. You can type, dictate into voice recognition software, take a digital photo of the material and convert it to editable text using any of the OCR software available. If your source document is online or already electronic, just cut and paste the section you want into the SnipIt® field.
  5. Once you have captured SnipIts®, it is important to “anchor” them to the appropriate part of the outline. Use the anchor buttons to do this. Anchoring SnipIts® to the appropriate node of the outline is the way of organizing what you have found (SnipIts®), so that once you start final writing, all your SnipIts® are organized…..and you don’ t have to route through piles of document copies to find anything. Each important item is captured as a SnipIt®, linked to its biblio information, and perfectly positioned in your outline.

That will form the foundation. As your research progresses, you will find new source documents, find new SnipIts® to capture, identify new items to add to your outline, anchor the SnipIts® to the appropriate section of your outline regardless if you captured them yesterday or two years ago. The idea is to capture and organize when you find something interesting for your project, not 2-3 years later.

The goal is to have a complete WritingScript® ready for when you begin your final writing. When you click the WritingScript® button on the Project or Outline screens' ribbon, ResearchWriter® creates that WritingScript® for you and displays it on half your computer screen.

When you are ready, click the New Document button at the bottom of the Project screen to create the formatted MSWord document, complete with formatted headings from your outline. This will display on the other half of your computer screen.

 From there, writing your final document is a piece of cake, since all your outline-organized thoughts are right in front of you. And you can enter formatted citations and build your reference list automatically from the WritingScript® on your screen.

 Hope this helps get you started. I am developing some YouTube videos that will demonstrate these steps. Several of my colleagues attest that they could have saved about 50% of the years it took them to write their dissertations, and probably more in developing journal articles from their previous research.

Q2- Is the trial different from the full version?

 From Dr. Bob - When you download ResearchWriter® you get the full version. You will receive a Key Code by email within minutes after downloading. The trial Key Code lasts for 30 days while the Purchase Key Code is not limited. This method insures that any content you enter during the trial is safe and available once you purchase ResearchWriter®.

Q3-I have 2 computers, one at work and another at home. Can I install ResearchWriter® on both?

 From Dr. Bob - The trial version can be installed on only one computer. The Purchased version can be installed on up to 3 computers.

Q4-Is support available?

 From Dr. Bob - Our support system is email based through the Forums on our web site. Submit questions to either the Technical Support Forum or the User Question forum as appropriate. I monitor notices of forum postings every day and our technical folks are available 5 days a week during regular business hours.

Q5-Is there a users' manual?

 From Dr. Bob - we have tried hard to eliminate the need for a users' manual. We tried to design ResearchWriter® to be intuitive, and to provide "just-when-you-need-it" help information.

1. Overall General Hints are available by clicking on the round ActiveScholar® logo in the upper left corner of every screen.

2. Screen-level help with specific explanation of the screen's controls and fields is available by clicking the Help button in the ribbon.

3. Hovering over many field boxes will display specific help at the upper right corner of each screen near the green "i" icon.