Are you a Doctoral Student?

"As a doctoral student beginning my dissertation, I found no software available to help me get started in an organized fashion and proceed through to the end efficiently and quickly, so I created ResearchWriter and used it to complete my dissertation. My fellow students encouraged me to make ResearchWriter available to help other students."
- Dr. Robert Dengler
  • ResearchWriter offers:
    • a dissertation outliner tree that grows as your research grows
    • a simple way to capture just the information you need from books and journals without the need for piles of marked-up copies
    • a simple way to capture bibliographic information for later use
    • a way to organize newly captured information by associating with the appropriate sections of the project outline, and an auto-created, properly formatted MSWord document with the outline already inserted as formatted headings, and a drag-and-drop citation system that automatically adds the source document to the formatted reference list.
  • Work smarter, not harder with ResearchWriter.