The only complete research writing management software., reliable, works the way you want it to.

ResearchWriter by ActiveScholar is a complete research writing management system designed exclusively for academics, by academics.

Used by faculty and doctoral students, ResearchWriter is a great application for capturing, maintaining and organizing research information for journal articles, dissertations, theses, course papers, essays and books.

Our research shows that scholars writing research today are still using manual notes, stacks of highlighted hard copies, or a variety of inadequate software such as word processors, outliners, databases, reference list formatters, etc. that do not work together and do not do the job.

ResearchWriter solves all organizing issues by allowing the scholar to capture, manage, outline, write, format, and make sense of the research information quickly and easily.

ResearchWriter will slash your time to completion by 25%-50%, and will virtually eliminate writer’s anxiety, writer’s block, and restart/ramp-up time.

Designed by academics, for academics – ResearchWriter is the only comprehensive research writing software that can help academics write research easily and effectively.  

  • Multiple writing projects managed easily.
  • All-in-one integrated notes database, search, biblio, outlining, document formatting, editing, printing, backups.
  • Safe, secure, reliable home for your research. Save data locally, backup as needed.
  • Dynamic project outline grows as project grows.
  • Capture and store just the text and notes you need – called a SnipItTM. No need for piles of copies or highlighting.
  • Connect SnipIts to where they belong in multiple project outlines.
  • Capture and store biblio info. Never lose a source again.
  • Create WritingScriptTM showing SnipIts in outline order. Never lose an idea again.
  • Create an APA formatted MSWordTM Document, with outline imported as formatted headings.
  • View WritingScript on-screen next to your document to guide your work. No searching in piles of copies.
  • Automatically add in-text cites and create reference list. Never one without the other.
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