• About ResearchWriter

    After a 30 year career as management consultant and CEO, Dr. Bob began his PhD studies in order to make the transition to academia where he could share a lifetime of experience with a new generation of executives.

    ResearchWriter: Dr. Bob and a couple of his fellow students approached their PhD dissertations with an eye for computerized support. One colleague asked Dr. Bob for help in making sense out of the mountain of journal articles and books that was growing in his office. Another was typing and hand-scanning items into a word processor, printing them as labels, affixing the labels to Post-it™ Notes, and then posting them on flip chart sheets mounted on the walls of his office. Dr. Bob knew a database application when he saw one and spent the better part of a year experimenting with various applications that purported to assist in the development of research writing projects. He suffering with a handful of applications that handled just one aspect of the process or another, none of which integrated well with the others, and even the best did not produce anything near the value of labels –on-post its-on-chartpad sheets -on an office wall as a guide to writing the final paper. Frustrated with getting his data into these applications and unable to get anything helpful out of them, Dr. Bob built his own application in MS Access which worked the way he and his colleagues wanted it to work. Dr. Bob used his early version of ResearchWriter for his own dissertation estimated that he cut the literature research and writing time at least in half compared with his colleagues.

    After completing his dissertation, Dr. Bob began work on three additional papers, one for presentation at a conference, one for short term publication and another for longer range publication. Seeking advice from active academic writers, he was surprised to find that the most active writers were still using piles of books, highlighted journal article copies, journals with Post-It notes sticking out. Writing was still being accomplished with multiple word processing files and handwritten notes. And several pieces of software were strung together to get the writing done in proper format after a series of clumsy duplications and iterations.

    Faced with an amateur database program that worked but not in a multiple project environment, Dr. Bob made another survey of the existing software. While one purported to have added an outlining function, it would not print the outline....and another robust application was so full of bells and whistles that, even with his in depth knowledge of software, Dr. Bob, using the thick instruction manual could not get research into or out of the application in a usable way after a full week of trial.

    Finally Dr. Bob decided that enough was enough and after consulting his colleagues, he contracted with a software developer to produce a professional research writing application that provided an unprecedented breadth of support, an intuitive interface designed by and for academics resulting in minimal learning curve. Thus ResearchWriter was conceived and was unveiled as a beta version at the Academy of Management Conference at Philadelphia in 2007 and at the Decision Sciences Institute Conference later that same year. With a ground swell of enthusiasm and several major suggestions from early users, ResearchWriter returned for further development. The full version of ResearchWriter debuts at the Academy of Management Conference and the Decision Sciences Institute Conference in late 2010.